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Name:Madam Librarian
Birthdate:Sep 18
Location:Illinois, United States of America
Fan girl, reader, librarian, and writer. I'm currently incredibly addicted to all things Bioware-related and Bioshock Infinite, but I also love comic books and superheroes. All of my fan fiction can be found here on AO3.

Interests (137):

aizen/urahara, alistair, anders, angela carter, archie goodwin, arthurian literature, batman, big love, bleach, books, bruce banner, butlers, byakuya/renji, callum keith rennie, captain america, captain america/iron man, chronicles of riddick, chuck palahniuk, comic books, comics, commander shepard, daniel craig, dante, dean winchester, devil may cry 3, dinosaurs, discworld, dragon age, dragon age 2, faeries, fairy tales, fanfiction, fenris, firefly, flemeth, fraser/rayk, gankutsuou, garrus vakarian, gay perry, geth, gin/kira, glitter, graphic novels, han solo, hank pym, hannibal lecter, harry lockhart, harry potter, hawke, henry hellrung, henry viii, hidden leaf village, hokages, homoerotic subtext, horror, howard moon, ikkaku/kira, iron man, iron man/captain america, jack o'neill, jack skellington, jeeves & wooster, jiraiya, john constantine, john constantine/zatanna, johnny cash, kakashi/iruka, kira izuru, kiss kiss bang bang, last unicorn, legion, leonard cohen, lestat, liara t'soni, libraries, literature, little mermaid, lusting over imaginary men, mages, marvel comics, mass effect, mordin solus, morrigan, mystery men, mythology, nara shikamaru, naruto, nero wolfe, nite owl ii, original characters, oscar wilde, p. g. wodehouse, phantom of the opera, pirates, quarians, reading, remus lupin, riddick/vaako, rilke, robert downey jr., roland deschain, rorschach, severus snape, shoujo kakumei utena, slash, spongebob squarepants, star wars, steve/tony, superheroes, tali'zorah vas normandy, tarot cards, terry pratchett, thane krios, the beast, the joker, the mighty boosh, the tudors, tolkien, tony stark, top hats, ukitake, ukitake jyuushirou, urdnot grunt, varric tethras, vince noir, vladimir tod, watchmen, werecreatures, wolverine, wrex, writing, x-men, youkai world reclamation, zaraki kenpachi, zatanna, zevran, zombies

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