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Madam Librarian ([personal profile] cruelest_month) wrote2007-09-18 10:29 pm
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That is not dead which can eternal lie. And with strange aeons even death may die.

Just to warn you in advance, I am an avid reader, compulsive worrier, rabid slasher (at times), and a unfortunately still a coffee addict.

My greatest loves/obsessions currently include H. P. Lovecraft, British TV, Naruto, Bleach, gay romance novels, classic works of literature, comic books, Sherlock Holmes, Iron Man, writing, reading, James Bond, and zombies.

Nothing too out of the ordinary happens in my entries although I have been known to write the occasional slash fic. To read fan fiction without friending me, simply go to [ profile] findgoodthings.

If you comment, I will more than likely friend you. :)